Why Stephanie Buttermore’s “All In” journey is a really big deal

I went on an influencer cleanse many moons ago where I cut off all ties with anyone I felt triggered me to compare and hate on my body.

It was honestly THE BEST decision ever.

Most of these people were of the variety that only shared 6-packs, enormous waist to hip ratios, meal preps, bikini poses and I felt were completely disconnected from the concept that people start fitness journey’s to be healthier, not eat tilapia every day.

One person I never cut ties with was Stephanie Buttermore and I am so glad I didn’t.

If you’re not up to date, last year Stephanie decided to let go the control she maintained on her appetite in an attempt to officially blunt her insatiable hunger.

She began a journey she called going “all in” where she gave herself formal permission to eat until full satiety, no matter how much weight it may cause her to gain.

The goal was for her body to regulate to a weight where her hunger cues were within a normal range and she didn’t have to deal with feeling constantly hungry in addition to other symptoms she mentions in her video.

Some might wonder why until you are full is such a noble act, but when you spend years tracking, controlling and stopping at arbitrary calorie or macro goals, it really is.

Also, not to say Stephanie’s only value to this world were her abs, but you have to understand that when you are an influencer in the fitness industry, your body is your brand.

Influencers are a business, and putting on 30+ pounds AND documenting it as a positive experience is like Popeye’s swapping their chicken for cauliflower. It’s a huge business risk.

And, although what she did isn’t a “new” concept entirely, to do it and be someone at a macro influencer level, IS (unfortunately) groundbreaking.

Let’s also not forget that strangers on the internet can be pieces of trash and I’m sure she endured and continues to endure negative feedback from people who have never walked a mile in her shoes.

Watching your body change away from what society expects from you is a highly emotional process and having people affirm your fears is a horrible feeling and I respect her for continuing to sharing her journey despite this.

What I love most is that she still lifts weights in the gym recreationally and eats mostly whole foods. She didn’t just throw the baby out with the bathwater and declare a war on fitness. She simply stopped fighting her body every day and instead started listening to it.

Something every person striving to be healthy and fit should be doing.

Instagram and YouTube has unfortunately separated the health from the fitness and the fitness from the health, and Stephanie’s journey is the perfect example of how a person should be marrying the two.

This doesn’t mean that fitness is completely bogus, it just teaches us that you’re probably off course if your journey to a healthy and fit body impedes on your physical and mental health.

So, thank you Stephanie for staying true to yourself and demonstrating to the masses what it actually means to be a positive health and fitness influencer and ultimately restoring my faith in the power of social media.

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